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SHOPIZMO is the Shopify Partner for your PLUS project!

We are building premium Shopify sites for brands from Europe and US.

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All the UI/UX steps of your Shopify project are supervised by our creative directors.

Shopify Coding

Your ecommerce store gets built on Shopify using premium CSS and Liquid coding techniques.

Shopify Consultancy

Our Shopify experts will provide you with Shopify best-practices and help you create original, converting content.

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Elite Author Team.

Before all else you must setup a WordPress version on your server. After downloading the package, you will have “Impeka” folder and “” file inside the Theme package.

Click the Impeka tab from the main WordPress navigation and then you will be able to access and enjoy many core features of Impeka.

Most of these elements can have their own align without one’s place affecting the other’s. This way, virtually dozens of combinations can turn out.

As a premium Shopify Partner we created almost 200 Shopify stores from scratch in 6+ years. Here are some screenshots.

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